Father's Disappointment

I was born on December 10, 1926. Naturally, my father…wanted another boy and got me. Well, there’s lots work on a farm, and women had their work and men had their work and he felt cheated. He thought it would be fair if my mother had two girls and he had two boys. And he refused to come and look at me for about a week, until my Aunt Mamie told him he had to come and look. And then he finally accepted the fact that he had another girl.  My Aunt Frieda (my mother’s sister) helped name me because my dad wouldn’t help my mom name me. She claimed that she sang the song “Mary Lou” which was popular. I gave my first smile and that’s why I have that name. But I turned into a tomboy and I probably did as much work on the farm as my brother except for one thing – I never learned to milk a cow.

-Contributed by Kristin Donaldson